How To Get Your Startup MVP Funded By AWS

Njinu Kimani
3 months ago

Elevate your startup with our expert assistance! If you're on the path to craft a mobile app or SaaS platform on AWS, or venturing into realms like Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Containers, or Non-Relational Databases, we're your go-to partner. As an elite AWS Consulting Partner and exclusive member of the AWS Jumpstart Program, Param Solutions will catapult your vision into reality.

Why the Jumpstart Program?

Specifically designed for startups, Jumpstart supports those eager to adopt AWS services but may lack the technical prowess. Bonus? Enjoy partial reimbursements for consulting used during your journey. Plus, based on certain criteria, AWS could fund up to 50% of your project!

Dive into Top-Tier Services

  • Analytics: From Amazon Redshift to AWS Glue, explore a spectrum of powerful tools.
  • SIoT: Utilize AWS IoT suites including AWS IoT SiteWise, Greengrass, and more.
  • Machine Learning: Harness solutions like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Translate, and beyond
  • Containers: Experience Amazon ECS, Fargate, and the full EKS range.
  • Non-relational Databases: Dive into Amazon DynamoDB, DocumentDB, and other robust options..


Hop Aboard in Simple Steps:

If you're in regions from North America to Japan and meet AWS’ meticulous standards, you're in! Ensure your proposal is AWS partner-centric and oriented. The cost to monthly revenue ratio should ideally be 7 or below. Every venture is examined by AWS before initiation, ensuring utmost alignment with your startup's goals.

Getting on Board :

Kick off your journey at the APN portal:

Click on "My Customers."

Press "Add" to present a new opportunity

Fill the essentials and proceed!

Post-project, a swift review, and approval process ensure your cash reimbursement. Funding essentials include a clear SOW, a glimpse of your estimated AWS usage, and an AWS Solution Architect's nod on your technical milestones.

Embark on this transformative journey with Param Solutions. Together, let's craft the future!

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