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Unleashing your business potential with the perfect blend of tech superheroes - on-demand IT wizards, agile solution architects, and MVP magicians to accelerate your journey to success!"


Our Business

Fractional CTO

  • Expert tech leadership, without full-time costs.
  • Flexibility for changing project needs.
  • Broad experience meets specific startup challenges.

Fractional Engineer

  • Temporary staffing gives that flexibility to deal with projects of any size.
  • No long-term commitments.
  • Shorter hiring process.

Our core competencies

Let's get

Connect us today and become part of a dynamic team dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. With your skills and our resources, we can revolutionize the tech industry and make a difference in the world. Don't wait, apply now and let's create amazing software together!

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We provide on-demand IT professionals to organizations for short to mid-term projects, streamlining your tech needs efficiently.


Our agile squads are experts in crafting large-scale enterprise solutions, ensuring your complex projects are in capable hands.


We aid startups in building Minimum Viable Products using proven methodologies, minimizing cost and time while maximizing value.

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Where we operate

We have a presence in 9 African and an extensive database of over 100 engineers

  • - South Africa
  • - Ghana
  • - Ethiopia
  • - Angola
  • - Egypt
  • - Nigeria
  • - Rwanda
  • - Mauritius
  • - Kenya

Advantages of Using Param Solutions


Over 5,000+ projects delivered by the world's most talented engineers.


Success rates more than 3.6X greater than traditional IT projects.


Get started in under 4 days.

We Own the Risk

Fixed project pricing eliminates cost overruns & 60% lower delivery risk.

Our Results Speak For Us

Summary of the Findings of Gig Economy IT Projects on a Platform vs. Traditional IT Projects


More Effecient Staffing


Lower Risk


Higher Project Satisfaction

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